St Edward’s Church of England Academy Computing Department is a dynamic and successful area.  Computing is taught across both Key Stages and pupils are offered numerous opportunities to develop their computing capability.

Computing is a practical subject, where invention and resourcefulness are encouraged. Pupils studying computing gain insight into computational systems of all kinds, whether or not they include computers. Computational thinking influences many fields such as biology, chemistry, linguistics, economics and statistics. It enables us to solve problems, design systems, and understand the power and limitations of human and machine intelligence.

Computational thinking is a skill that empowers. Pupils who can think computationally, are better able to conceptualise and understand computer-based technology, and so are better equipped to function in modern society.

Key stage 2

Pupils should be taught to:

Key stage 3

Pupils should be taught to:


The ICT provision in our school is excellent with three networked computer rooms and a cluster of machines distributed in curriculum areas around the school. Pupils also have access to laptops, ipads, netbooks to capture both still images and video clips.

We also use the Windows 10 Operating System running some of the software titles listed below:

Microsoft Office 2019
Serif Design Suite (incorporating web design, video creation, drawing, and photo editing) Smart ICT Skills Builder
Scratch Programming Software
Pivot Stick Animation
Additionally, other departments within the Academy utilise specialist software dedicated to their particular subject.

All stations have filtered internet access and every pupil has their own email address. At lunchtime, all pupils have access to the Computing club for homework and research.


Faculty Leader - Science and Computing: Miss C Torr

KS2 computing teacher: Mrs. L Jeffery

KS3 computing teacher: Mrs. L Jeffery