Curriculum Enrichment

Our Enrichment programme is an integral part of our Personalisation and Every Child Matters agendas. We want our pupils to strive for individual development, and a better understanding of their identity in the world around them.

With sessions facilitated by qualified coaches, instructors and school staff, we encourage our pupils to enjoy and try new challenges.

Pupils will be mixing with different sets of pupils who have the same interests. This will foster new relationships and enhance social skills. Most importantly, Curriculum Enrichment provides our pupils with the opportunity to use and consolidate knowledge and skills they have gained in other lessons.

We offer a number of activities from arts and crafts to sporting challenges, where students can try out a variety of new and exciting experiences. These experiences vary dependent on staff avaliability, facility avaliability and student request.

Examples of opportunities are:

Ceramics & Art

Students will have the opportunity to create their own sketchbook, and learn some new techniques.  As well as this, they will be working on several small ceramics projects that they will be able to take home.

Whether students want to develop their Art skills further, or they simply want to learn something new, this will be a great way to do both. If students would like any further information, they would need to speak to Mrs Johnson.


German – Language of Business and Industry

Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world and is the economic powerhouse of the European Union. From cars to machinery and industrial equipment, from pharmaceuticals to household goods, German businesses earn 1 in 3 euros through export, and 1 in 4 jobs depends on exports.


This is the course for students that like travel, food, seeing new places and speaking to people. The course is a virtual tour of Italy: in each town students will be learning some new language. For example, in Milan students will be greeting people; in Bologna, they are introduced to an Italian family;in Rome they do some celebrity spotting; in Naples they go shopping etc. The course finishes in Venice, where they will design and make their own pizza!


Spanish is the 3rd most widely spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin Chinese and English, with around 400 million native speakers worldwide, 25 different nations speak Spanish either as the official language or as a primary language. Every year more than 13 million British people visit Spain.

The languages courses are for students that want to communicate and have fun in a brand new language and to find out more about the culture, geography and history of these countries.

During the language courses, there will be lots of different activities including;

Grow it…cook it… it!

Design Challenge

Design Challenge gives students the opportunity to work with a real design company, who will come in to school to launch a design brief. Pupils will be required to produce a range of in-depth theory and research along with a variety of design ideas and developments. This will be presented and judged in a ‘Dragons Den’ style approach, where pupils will discuss the reasoning behind their product. Design Challenge will also explore a range of mini projects, which will help to develop pupils: 2D and 3D drawings, practical ability, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing skills.