Geography at St Edward’s Church of England Academy. 

Geography is taught in all years within the school. Year 5 and Year 6 receive one lesson per week. In Year 7 and 8 pupils receive two lessons per week.

Pupils learn a variety of geographical skills: using and building an extended geographical vocabulary, selecting and using appropriate fieldwork techniques, such as atlases, globes, OS maps, selecting secondary sources of evidence including photographs, satellite images, GIS and evidence from ICT based resources.

Pupils develop a knowledge and understanding of places including their national, international or global context. The study of physical and human features ensures that pupils understand the process of change and development within our world.  Pupils gain a knowledge and understanding of geographical patterns and processes which they will be able to relate to the character of the place and environment in which they occur, along with their impact on the human and physical landscape.
Finally, the course includes opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development.


Geography Faculty Team:

Mrs T Dickinson   

Mrs R Smith-Ruscoe  

Mr Simm  

Mrs Rose   

Mr Hutchinson

Mr Allanson

Curriculum Overview for Key Stage 2 and 3:

Key Stage 2:

What is Geography?                         Ice and Fire

Love where you live                          Brazil

Water and Carsington Fieldwork     Three Gorges

Deserts                                               Rivers


Key Stage 3:

Weather and climate                         Globalisation

Kenya                                                 Map skills

Where is everyone?                           Dovedale and Ashbourne Fieldwork

Russia                                                Coasts

Liverpool Fieldwork                           Earth’s story


Extra-Curricular Activities and Opportunities

In Year 6 all pupils study the Water Cycle at Carsington Water

In Year 7 all pupils undertake fieldwork at Dovedale and Ashbourne

In Year 8 a local study to complete fieldwork

Useful Websites for Geography: (Water cycle games)