Religious Education

Welcome to possibly the most exciting journey you will ever take. RE is all about thinking, about yourself and the wider world. This is sometimes described as philosophy.

In RE we learn how to think about difficult questions with a view to finding answers. Therefore, to be good at RE, you need to be curious, patient, determined and thoughtful.

We look at ethical issues and debate what is considered to be right and wrong, as well as consider why people make such decisions. To embark on the RE learning journey you need an open mind and an inquisitive nature.

Our aim is to equip all pupils with the relevant skills and confidence to become successful critical thinkers who reach their true potential. Therefore, lessons are delivered in a creative and imaginative way, employing ‘philosophy of learning’ and ‘theatre of learning’ techniques.

What do we cover?

RE is all about showcasing a variety of cultures so that pupils can learn and appreciate their own values, attitudes, and beliefs. RE at St. Edward’s Church of England Academy continues with a strongly Christian ethos, however Judaism and Sikhism are the latest editions to our syllabus. They serve as a valued comparison and companion to the World Religions previously covered in first school.

Year 5

The Church – The role of the Vicar, Christianity in the community, places of worship, the Bible and parables.

Jesus – Who was Jesus? Why is he special to Christians? The face of Jesus.

Christmas and Easter Festivals – What happens at this time? Why are these important to Christians?

Sikhism – The 10 Guru’s, the teachings of Guru Nanak, the Guru Granth, Sahib, the Gudwara and the Nishan Sahib.

Year 6

Creation – Creation stories from around the world (Christianity, Hinduism and Greek Mythology)

The Old Testament – We focus on Moses, Jonah and Gideon. We compare the men and investigate leadership.

Christmas and Easter Festivals

Saints – What is a Saint? How are these decided? What qualities do these people share?

Friendship – The role of the Disciples.

Year 7

Judaism – We look at the roles of Abraham and Moses, God’s laws, the Torah, Worship, Shabbat,Mezuzahs, food laws, special occasions and marriage.

God and Science – Atheism, agnosticism, theism and ultimate questions. How do these ideas relate to us?

Who am I? – A look at our own values and beliefs. How do we feel about religion and spirituality?

Year 8

The Civil Rights Movement – The role of religion during this era.

Leadership – We take an in-depth look at Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Abraham and Moses

Women in the Bible – Who were the prominent female figures from the Bible? We look at Mary, Ruth, Martha and Mary.

Christmas and Easter Festivals

Extreme Religion – Is religion always a force for good? How misinterpretations and judgements can affect local communities and the wider world.



There is two lessons of RE per week and is fully inclusive. Pupils are taught in their mixed ability form groups.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Community Links:

The department has strong links with Synapse, Leek Community Christian Youth Group who regularly visit to deliver Christian focused lessons across the Key Stages, and St Edwards Church. Rev, Nigel Irons delivers school assemblies as well as being a Foundation Governor.


Year 5 trip to church where pupils learn about the different roles available in the church community and the role of Jesus as a shepherd for Christians.