Welcome to St Edward’s C of E Academy Science Department!

Science Faculty Vision

The vision statement of the Science Faculty at St Edward's Church of England Academy is to encourage a scientific way of thinking and enquiry, to develop independent learners and extend the students’ repertoire of skills through practical experience that prepares them for their life beyond school. We aim to enhance learners experience and understanding of the scientific world that surrounds them on a local and global level.

Our mission is to deliver the most exciting, stimulating and creative curriculum possible, encouraging pupils to build in confidence through engaging in their learning. We strive to produce the Scientists of the future who have high expectations of themselves and each other to work collaboratively and fairly as a team.

Science Faculty Facilities

At St Edward's Church of England Academy, we are privileged to teach four lesson of science a week to each year group in four purpose-built laboratories. All laboratories are fully equipped with the practical equipment to teach a curriculum that is based around hands-on learning.

Science Faculty Team

Miss C Torr (Faculty Leader of Science and Computing)

Mrs M Loughran

Miss L Moyden

Miss S Morgan (Science Technician)

Curriculum Overview for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3

Key Stage 2



Key Stage 3



Extra-Curricular Activities and Opportunities

We offer extra-curricular activities in the form of Key Stage 2 Science club (at lunchtimes) and Key Stage 3 Science club (after school). A whole host of fun activities take place throughout the year in accordance with National events to broaden pupils’ enjoyment and appreciation of science in the real world we live in.

At St Edward's we offer to learn science outside of the classroom in our STEM club, which is run in close conjunction with the Maths department. In this club you will learn how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can be used to tackle real like scenarios. From construction challenges, to building rockets, to tackling global problems. If you’re passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and enjoy working as a team then this club is for you!

Useful Science websites to help learning at home:

BBC Bitesize KS2 Science 
BBC KS3 Science  
SciberMonkey is science driving you bananas?

Websites for experiments to do at home:

Science Boffins – fun experiments to try at home
Science Bob – Random Acts of Science