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Careers education prepares pupils for the world after school. This includes thinking about how to look after themselves as an adult, how to relate to other people and how to fit into society. St Edward’s Church of England Academy provides information, guidance and help with making decisions about the future to all students from Y7 upwards. This includes information on post-16 options including sixth form, college, apprenticeships, training and university study, and entry to a range of jobs and careers. As a parent you want the best for your child and it’s never too early to start thinking about their options.


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Top Jobs of the Future

What will the Future Job Market Be

Careers Programme Overview


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Provisional timetable from September 2021:

In lessons such as English, Maths, Science and PSHE, pupils will learn how the topic they are studying will help them in the 'world of work': how the skills they are learning will help them to find a job. We will also provide pupils with other opportunities to learn about the world of work through outside speakers or visits.

More events are to be added to the provisional timetable below.




Curriculum GB4

Employer Encounters  GB5

Experience of workplace GB6

Pathways GB7



(links to curriculum)

(In school visits)

(Out of school visits to places of work)

FE HE Westwood




  • Recognise and analyse their personal skills in order to explain which they enjoy using and which are likely to be advantageous at work.  
  • Describe the main qualities, attitudes and skills needed to enter and thrive in the working world and within specific work contexts. 
  • Careers and Enterprise Unit PSHE Summer Unit 2 – team work, managing a budget, borrowing and saving; I could careers quiz
  • Careers week activities – parent jobs session







  • Identify and assess their own needs, interests, values, skills, abilities and attitudes; explain how these might affect their options in learning, work and enterprise.
  • Careers and Enterprise Unit PSHE Summer 2 – managing budget, personal skills and interests; I could careers quiz


  • Money matters – Natwest
  • PCSOs
  • Careers week activities – parent jobs session
  • Carsington Water (Oct)





  • Pupils will understand post 16 progression routes available to them
  • Pupils will understand the value and advantages of gaining qualifications


  • Links to careers options in English, maths and science
  • Careers and Enterprise Unit PSHE Summer 2 – team work, managing money, wants and needs
  • Severn Trent Water (Oct)
  • PCSOs (May)
  • Careers week activities – parent jobs session


  • Geog – field trip visit to Ashbourne – survey of jobs sectors (June)
  • PSHE – post 16 options (PSHE Summer 6)




  • Pupils will understand the links between qualifications and pay
  • Pupils will understand post 18 progression routes available to them
  • Pupils will understand what apprenticeships are and how they differ from other routes into employment.
  • Pupils will reflect on the benefits of apprenticeship
  • Pupils will appreciate the range of careers that can be started as an apprentice
  • Careers and Enterprise Units PSHE – stereotypes at work, discrimination, communication, enterprise skills, budgeting, gambling
  • Links to careers options in English, maths and science
  • STEM activities with local business / Birmingham Uni
  • Army Recruitment (Oct)
  • Session with trainer from Sea Cadets / RAF
  • Enterprise Challenge Day (March)
  • Careers week activities – parent jobs session
  • Speed networking session (May)


  • BBC Media City visit


  • Visit and lesson with Westwood College
  • Local college info session/ Virtual Campus experience
  • Team Maths Challenge - Keele
  • Session with Equality Training – study skills/ apprenticeships

How do we provide pupils with information about course choices and careers?

The Academy’s Careers Policy sets out our commitment to delivering high-quality careers advice for all pupils in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks. Termly reviews of our provision is completed with the support of the Careers and Enterprise Company.

Pupils regularly have the opportunity to learn from local colleges, universities and employers. This may be through a workshop session, a lesson or a school trip. 

To discuss Careers advice and education further please contact our Careers Leader:  Mrs R Rose via the Academy Office on 01538 714740.

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