Our House System

Here at St Edwards' Academy we operate a House system which is lead by three very dedicated House Leaders: Mrs Mulroy, Head of House Nightingale, Mrs Matthews, Head of House Newton and Mrs Mountford, Head of House Elgar. Each house is split into two tutor groups for each year: Edward and Elgar, Isaac and Newton, Florence and Nightingale. When pupils join us in Year 5 they are assigned a house where they will remain until they leave in the Year 8. We try to ensure that siblings are placed together to all House Leaders to develop strong links with families. The House system is also designed to embody the Academy ethos of RESPECT and is an integral part of our community both in and out of school.

Each House is in competition with each other to achieve the highest number of Respect Points and also the best attendance, this is displayed weekly on the pupil notices. Our House System allows pupils the opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts and achievements in all areas. At the end of each term we have a reward assembly were we celebrate pupils success both individually and collectively as a House.

Each tutor group has a school council member who is invited to meetings to discuss and get involved in how the Academy is run. This allows pupils a voice to communicate the thoughts and feelings of their peers as well as having an influence on decisions that are being made. Pupils in Year 8 who are elected as the School Council representative for their House are awarded the title of House Captain, where additional responsibilities are given, such as helping and delivering assemblies.