Our House System

At St Edwards’ Church of England Academy, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school, which celebrates, supports and respects the talents and potential of every pupil. Here we all journey together in order to learn through faith, grow through hope and achieve through love, allowing all to live life to the full.

Our Additional Needs Team consists of a highly qualified group of individuals who are committed to knowing our pupils exceptionally well and ensuring that every child fulfils their potential. We believe that the progress of every individual learner is of equal importance. Most importantly, every teacher at St Edward’s Church of England Academy is a teacher of every child. We are actively involved in continual professional development with the aim of ensuring that all staff deliver quality first teaching; based on research relating to the needs of individual pupils.


“The music is in the air, take as much as you want!” Edward Elgar

Elgar House is of course named after Edward Elgar, the English composer who received global acknowledgment for his classical compositions. Within our House there are many talented musicians who play different instruments including the ukulele, piano, drums and guitar. In addition to this, Elgar House also has an impressive track record for winning sports day, which takes place each year! Our pupils have endless qualities demonstrating what it is to be a 10:10 pupil, by taking a positive approach to learning and embracing our school ethos of respect. We strive to be the best that we can be and look out for each other in times of need. Our pupils show kindness and consideration and are keen to welcome new pupils into our Elgar family. As Edward Elgar demonstrated creativity and openness in his work, pupils in Elgar House endeavour to ensure they take every opportunity that comes their way, in order to reach their full potential and live life in all its fullness. If you try your best in all that you do, have hopes and dreams that you want to achieve then Elgar House is the place for you!



“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Sir Isaac Newton.

Isaac Newton was a pioneer in the field of maths and physics where he helped to shape our rational world view. In the Newton house we have high expectations and we always try to the best version of ourselves so that we can shape a better future. Like Newton, we enjoy exploring, embracing new ideas and we learn from our mistakes. Our Newton team is made up of pupils with a wide range of talents such as: elite gymnast, pro-gamer, dancers, footballers and cricketers. We are proud to be in the Newton House – come and join us!



“Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift – there is nothing small about it” Florence Nightingale

Nightingale House is of course named after Florence Nightingale known for her pioneer of modern nursing during the Crimean War. We demonstrate a high level of care and compassion for each other in all that we do, and this is shown in the many acts of kindness that our Nightingale pupils undertake. We have a pupil who donated their hair for raising money for Donna Louise, lots of the children go above and beyond to support their fellow peers to ensure that their time in the Academy is enjoyable. Throughout the years we embrace new pupils into the school who settle well and feel like part of the family of St Edward's Academy due to the inclusive, supportive nature of our pupils. Our pupils also participate in a huge range of activities outside of lessons; from running in marathons,

gymnastics and we have many gifted musicians. We love to grab every opportunity that life gives us, illustrating that we live life to the full. Come and join us in Nightingale House, you'll love it!