Online Safety

Online Safety

Children and young people are spending an ever increasing amount of time on the internet and although it can be a great way to socialise, explore and have fun, we all know that there are also dangers associated with online activity.

This could take the form of cyberbullying or seeing inappropriate material. Unfortunately, there are also incidents where children or young people do not take the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe or to prevent being caught up in events that could have long term consequences for themselves and/or others.

With this in mind, the Department for Education has sponsored an initiative aimed at schools to help them support parents in their efforts to understand and guide young people around the issues of online safety.

The website Parentinfo is a resource that gives all the latest advice and there is a link on the right that will take you to the site.

We strongly recommend that you add the website to your ‘Favourites’ for quick and easy access in the future.

Here at St Edward’s we take the issue of online safety very seriously and as such at the beginning of each year this important area is covered in Computing and PSHE Education and Citizenship lessons. Within these lessons pupils are reminded of the precautions they need to take to remain safe online whilst also being informed of the actions that they need to take if they feel that they are the victim of cyberbullying, grooming or have been caught up in other events that could potentially harm them. This includes using the ‘CEOP Report button’ and reference to the ‘Think You Know websites.

In addition to lessons we also have visiting guest speakers or drama production’s such as the powerful ‘Chelsea’s Choice’ which is aimed at year 8 and above.

If you have any further queries regarding online safety and what is taught in school then please do not hesitate to contact our person responsible for Online Safety Mrs L. Jeffery (Leader of Learning for Computing) or Mr J. Parrish (Vice Principal).