Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Anti Bullying at St Edward’s Church of England Academy

St Edward’s Church of England Academy provides a safe and caring Christian environment for all pupils allowing them to flourish. We encourage pupils to live by our Christian values and endeavour to equip them with the value of respect: respect for themselves, others, differences, boundaries and surroundings.

Pupils are encouraged to understand issues relating to bullying and develop their skills as an upstander, NOT a bystander. We have recently appointed a Pupil Anti Bullying Committee and from this a number of Anti Bullying Ambassadors. This pupil centred approach encourages individuals to take ownership of bulling in their community and raises the profile of our inclusive environment.

 Anti Bullying Ambassador Guide

Pupil Anti Bulling Form (For pupils to complete any concerns. Link only works when pupils logged in at school)

 Raising the profile of Anti Bullying in our Academy

As part of raising the profile of our Anti Bullying campaign around school, we utilise a number of activates and approaches. Some examples of these are as follows:

·         Assemblies

·         Form time activities

·         PSHE drop down day activities

·         Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

·         Anti-Bullying Committee

·         Posters

·         Competitions

·         Drop in sessions

·         Active listening

·         Restorative Justice

Parents/Careers are welcome to discuss any issues related to their child’s emotional wellbeing at any time. The appropriate points of contact are as follows:

 Key Staff:

Assistant Principal: Mrs A. Simpson

Anti Bullying Coordinators: Miss N. Whitehouse, Mr J. Simm

Anti Bullying Governor: Mr C. Goodwin

Newton House Leader: Mrs H. Matthews

Nightingale House Leader: Mrs C. Mulroy

Elgar House Leader: Mrs L. Mountford 


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